Elevate Your Winter Style with Shearling Coats: Embracing Timeless Chic

Elevate Your Winter Style with Shearling Coats: Embracing Timeless Chic

The shearling coat has solidified its status as the quintessential, everlasting essential in fashion. Crafted from the shearing process of sheep, shearling coats epitomise durability and endurance, designed to withstand the test of time. Selecting the perfect shearling coat could mean having a wardrobe staple that endures for years on end.

Yves Salomon- double breasted shearling coat



Toteme - Leather-trimmed                      Nour Hammour - Joni paneled shearling                 shearling jacket                                      coat

£2,290                                                    £2,045

What sets shearling coats apart is their diverse array of styles. From varying lengths to unique designs and an extensive palette of colours, these 'must-have' coats cater to everyone, boasting unparalleled versatility. Brands such as Toteme and Isabel Marant offer an array of zip-up front jackets, while Yves Salomon specialises in exquisite traditional shearling designs.

In the realm of fashion, brown emerges as the premier hue trending in AW23. What better way to embrace this trend than by adding a timeless shearling coat to your collection, standing the test of time amidst fleeting trends? While brown takes the spotlight, classic choices of cream and black for shearling coats remain ever-reliable, effortlessly complementing any ensemble.

LouLou Studio - Namo oversized double-breasted shearling coat


The versatility of the shearling coat makes it a statement piece for a minimalist outfit or the perfect finishing touch for an already sophisticated ensemble. Feeling uncertain about styling it? Consider pairing a long shearling coat with jeans, a chunky knit, and Adidas Gazelles for a laid-back weekend vibe. Alternatively, opt for a bomber shearling paired with a slip skirt, a Ganni t-shirt, and boots to stay cozy during the winter months.


Magda Butrym - cropped

shearling jacket


Zara - Faux Fur biker jacket


Zara - Double-faced Waistcoat




Written by Meghan Denman

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