Mob Wife is Back

Mob Wife is Back


As we step into 2024, a fresh fashion wave is sweeping in, bidding adieu to the minimalist vibes of 2023. TikTok's trendsetters have declared the end of the 'clean girl' and 'quiet luxury' aesthetics, making way for the rise of the cooler, glitzier, and more maximalist 'mob wife' era.


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Pioneered on TikTok by user Kayla Trivieri, who boldly stated on January 7, "Clean girl is out, mob wife era is in," this fashion aesthetic draws inspiration from iconic characters like Carmela Soprano from The Sopranos and Elvira Hancock from Scarface. Embracing a 'bigger is better' and 'more is more' philosophy, the mob wife trend showcases elements like faux fur coats, bold jewellery, statement sunglasses, logo-centric handbags, voluminous hair, long nails, vibrant colours, and, of course, plenty of animal prints.


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While the glamour of the mob wife look may seem sudden, key elements of this aesthetic have been gaining momentum individually over recent months. Oversized faux fur coats, prominently featured on runways last season, have become a staple among celebrities and influencers. Leopard print has been on the ascent, finding favour among fashion TikToker's. The popularity of statement jewellery, bold sunglasses, and rich colours like oxblood and turquoise also laid the groundwork for this trend throughout 2023.


Beyond specific wardrobe pieces, what sets this trend apart is its emphasis on attitude. Slip into your leopard print, adorn yourself with jewels, and drape on that faux fur coat, but remember, it's not just about the outfit – it's about exuding the powerful boss nature to truly own the mob wife aesthetic.


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