STUART TREVOR - the mastermind behind All Saints - who lead the way, long before sustainability became a prevalent term in the industry.

STUART TREVOR - the mastermind behind All Saints - who lead the way, long before sustainability became a prevalent term in the industry.

Stuart Trevor, the entrepreneur recognised for his pivotal role in the globally acclaimed fashion label AllSaints, stands as a major player within the fashion and retail sphere. His impactful journey in the industry is characterised by a commitment to creativity, and a relentless pursuit of redefining contemporary style.

Trevor's foray into the fashion world commenced long before his successful tenure at AllSaints. Prior to this, he spent a decade as Head Buyer - Designer at Reiss, where he initiated their inaugural own label collection at the tender age of 18. During this time, Trevor astutely identified surplus fabric rolls in Italy's finest mills, ingeniously transforming dead stock into thriving material, long before sustainability became a prevalent term in the industry.

His discerning eye for style and expertise eventually led to the establishment of the iconic AllSaints brand, renowned for its edgy, urban-inspired fashion and distinctive retail encounters. From its humble beginnings with a solitary store in London—initially situated just off Carnaby Street (With a concession in Hyper Hyper in Kensington)—the brand burgeoned into a global fashion powerhouse under Trevor's strategic leadership. His unwavering dedication to providing high-quality, distinctive designs captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the standout hallmarks of Trevor's stewardship at AllSaints was his innate ability to infuse innovation and creativity into every facet of the brand. From clothing design to store ambiance, he curated an immersive and distinctive experience, setting AllSaints apart within the competitive fashion landscape.

Notably, beyond his accomplishments in business, Stuart Trevor's unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices distinguished him. He championed responsible sourcing and manufacturing, making strides towards integrating sustainable materials and practices within AllSaints' operations. However, a pivotal reason for Trevor's decision to divest from All Saints stemmed from his business partners' choice to close down all UK & European production, relocating operations to the Far East—a decision All Saints have since been endeavoring to reverse for the past decade.

Post his successful tenure at AllSaints, Stuart Trevor continued his advocacy for sustainable fashion through subsequent ventures. His ongoing commitment to reshaping the industry by advocating for eco-friendly practices and ethical standards stands as a pillar of his legacy.

Trevor's entrepreneurial spirit and relentless pursuit of pushing fashion boundaries remain a source of inspiration for aspiring designers and industry professionals alike. His enduring impact at AllSaints and ongoing endeavors testify to his unwavering influence and dedication in shaping the fashion landscape.

Transitioning from his leadership at AllSaints to his current pursuit of revolutionising sustainable fashion, Trevor is incorporating recycled clothing and deadstock fabric into his latest collections. His dedication involves meticulously reworking, rebranding, distressing, and reimagining garments, aiming to combat the alarming volume of clothing discarded in landfills daily.

To partake in this mission, individuals are invited to join Stuart and his team at their London Studio for a celebration featuring sustainable designers like Fanfare Label, Erratic Skateboards, and CNCRT London. Attendees can explore collections and avail sample sale offerings from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Adidas Originals, and Wolford in the realm of underwear and sleepwear. To secure a spot at the event, individuals can email with their name and simply show up to join the festivities.

For those unable to attend physically, the newly launched online store at offers an opportunity to explore and engage with the latest releases, events, and enjoyable gatherings by signing up for updates.

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