THE TUXEDO - Why this is your ultimate Wardrobe Hero piece

THE TUXEDO - Why this is your ultimate Wardrobe Hero piece

In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent, a renowned designer, made a significant impact on women's tailoring by unveiling what is often considered his most iconic creation: the tuxedo jacket. Prior to this innovation, formal black-tie attire was predominantly associated with men's fashion. However, Saint Laurent ingeniously adapted these traditional style elements to fit the female silhouette. Over time, his groundbreaking concept evolved into a must-have fashion essential embraced by women challenging gender norms, finding its place as a definitive item in the wardrobes of many. This season, the Fall/Winter 2023 runway collections prominently featured variations of the tuxedo look, blending classic tributes with modern interpretations. Fashion houses like Celine and Christian Siriano exemplified these diverse approaches: Celine showcased a timeless tux paired with a white ruffled blouse and a bold black bow tie, an utterly brilliant rendition. Meanwhile, Christian Siriano presented an iconic take with a fuchsia-accented tuxedo jacket, accompanied by bloomers and sheer tights, offering a contemporary twist.
However, while the idea of donning a tuxedo exudes sophistication, it can also seem daunting, especially if it's a first-time experience. Men often undergo fittings for formal suiting from a young age, a practice not commonly shared among most women. Consequently, many lack the familiarity with what constitutes excellent tailoring. Even if they did, styling a tuxedo might present a challenge. Nonetheless, with New Year’s Eve on the horizon, there's no better opportunity than now to embrace and learn about this fashion statement.


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