Alex Hollywood's Essential Pantry: Elevate Your Cooking Game!

Alex Hollywood's Essential Pantry: Elevate Your Cooking Game!

Welcome to the heart of every culinary masterpiece - your pantry! Handpicked by the wonderful Alex Hollywood herself! With her expert guidance, you'll discover the key ingredients that are essential for creating mouthwatering dishes with ease and flair. From her years of experience in the kitchen to her passion for all things food, Alex Hollywood brings her signature touch to every item on this list, Get ready to unlock the secrets to culinary success as we dive into the essential ingredients that will elevate your cooking to new heights. From the humble spices that add depth and flavor to every dish, to the versatile staples that form the foundation of countless recipes, we'll explore the must-have items that every home chef needs. So, roll up your sleeves, stock up your shelves, and let's embark on a delicious journey through the essential pantry staples that will turn your kitchen into a culinary playground!

 Store cupboard basics

A well stocked store cupboard is a must if you want to cook stress free midweek meals, so here are some of the basics you’ll need with a recipe link to help you curate the perfect cupboard collection!

I collect them all - plum, cherry, passata whole, chopped - whether I’m making a simple tomato sauce with crushed garlic, bay leaves capers sugar and olive oil (Click Here for recipe) or adding them to soups casseroles pizzas or good old fashioned bolognese, canned tomatoes are similar to fresh When it comes to goodness and are packed with antioxidants.

Tinned fish
Try to ensure you buy line caught salmon and tuna, they’re wonderful for Asian style fish cakes, savoury muffins and salads. I adore anchovies, perfect for adding a salty depth to to lamb dishes or try making your own anchovy and fresh herb butter (Click Here for recipe) 

Porridge Oats
Oats are packed with vitamins minerals & fibre, are great to pop into a fruit smoothie for slow releasing energy, perfect for baking bread, or try my healthy breakfast granola (Click Here for recipe) packed with dates nuts chia and hemp seeds.

I always have a tin of these in my cupboard.
chickpeas packed with protein and perfect for vegetarian cooking, they’re so versatile ! Try them roasted in paprika and tossed in salads, make your own hummus it’s delicious or add them to my Italian inspired pork meatballs with garlic chilli thyme and red wine  (Click Here for recipe) 

Great for bulking up hearty casserole soups and stews they’re full of protein and fibre and count towards your 5 a day. Make my golden chicken and barley soup, perfect soul food for cold winter evenings (Click Here for recipe)

Coconut milk
Coconut milk is the basis for many Asian and Indian curries but did you know it’s also a wonderful alternative for vegan and dairy free recipes like cookies cakes and macaroons? My favourite coconut recipe is a quick and simple salmon and mango curry with lime leaves and fresh ginger (Click Here for recipe)

Bottled fruit
I always have an assortment of tinned and bottled fruit to hand to make Quick fruit puff pastry turnovers tarts or coulis to pour over icecream, last minute trifles or a decadent chocolate button and cherry brioche pudding (Click Here for recipe)

Chilli paste/dried chillies
Chilli isnt just for Mexican dishes, try steeping warm milk with a dried chilli before adding grated dark chocolate a pinch of salt and double cream for the best hot chocolate or try baking a whole Brie with cranberry chilli and thyme and serving with crust warm bread   (Click Here for recipe) 

Peanut butter/roasted peanuts
I love peanut butter slathered on toast and crushed roasted peanuts are great added to caramel sauce but have you tried baking peanut cookies or chocolate and peanut muffins with it? Or what about using crushed roasted peanuts to make Thai style canapés with king prawns yuzu juice and coriander (Click Here for recipe)

I always have all sorts of rice to hand, jasmine, sushi, basmati but my son’s favourite dish is a deceptively simple butternut squash, walnut and sage risotto, made with arborio rice, fresh stock and generous handfuls of Parmesan (Click Here for recipe)

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