The Elevator by SISTERLY

The Elevator by SISTERLY

Vitality Vaults dives into the dynamic realm of female-focused supplements with the groundbreaking launch of The Elevator by SISTERLY. This premium, evidence-based supplement brand, previously launched successfully in Ireland in September 2023, is set to make its official debut in the UK in March 2024.

Revolutionising women's daily nutritional supplementation, The Elevator is a next-generation, foundational multi-nutrient addressing the nutritional gaps that often accompany adulthood. In a world flooded with supplements and a poorly regulated industry, SISTERLY aims to simplify the confusion and clutter. The Elevator combines 24 bioavailable forms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in efficacious doses, accompanied by the gut-friendly prebiotic Chicory Root.
Backed by peer-reviewed medical data and advanced clinical research, The Elevator supports various bodily systems. From reducing tiredness and fatigue to contributing to immune system and nervous system function, hormonal regulation, and maintaining skin, hair, and nails—its benefits are extensive.

Key features include a dose of CoEnzyme Q10, vital for energy production and DNA replication, and an optimal combination of Vitamin D3 and K2 for bone health and immune function. The formula also includes a comprehensive B-vitamin complex and essential minerals, all delivered in a pleasant-tasting natural mandarin flavour powder sachet.

SISTERLY, founded by Jennifer, Aoife, and Louise, ambitious professionals in law, finance, and luxury lifestyle, originated from the desire to create a top-tier supplement brand inspired by the latest scientific research. With The Elevator, they collaborated with experts like Dr. Daniel Jones, a renowned nutritional biochemist, to ensure a gold standard formulation in terms of quality and strength.
Dr. Daniel Jones emphasises the rarity of such a focus on quality in the supplement industry, highlighting The Elevator as a gold standard. SISTERLY, true to its mission, extends beyond product excellence to address female health through The SISTERLY Circle, featuring experts covering various aspects of women's health at different life stages.

The Elevator, available at £86 for a monthly subscription or £107 for a one-time purchase (both options include 30 sachets), exemplifies SISTERLY's commitment to delivering the best for women across diverse phases of life. For more information, visit or follow @sisterly_lab.

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