Behind the Makeup Artist: Bryony Blake

Behind the Makeup Artist: Bryony Blake

Meet the enchanting makeup virtuoso and my dear friend, Bryony Blake. Our journey together spans years, entwined by shared experiences and collaborative endeavours within the vibrant world of Television. Bryony's magnetic and majestic personality exudes an infectious energy that effortlessly captivates every space she graces, beckoning you to revel in her presence. Her charm and warmth are akin to a comforting embrace, making every dressing room feel like a sanctuary of creativity and joy. I've been fortunate enough to have Bryony work her magic, adorning my face with her artistry, a privilege that never fails to leave me feeling utterly transformed and empowered.

"People often ask me is it hard when your friends want you to do their makeup? And the truth is no, I actually love it and I think I love it more now we’re a little bit older as I love showing them how to make the most of what they have but to enhance it while still being themselves.

Gemma and I have been friends for over 15 years now.  We met on a job where she was the stylist and I was the MUA and we have been firm friends ever since!

When Gemma asked me to do her makeup for this shoot I jumped at the chance because Gem has the most beautiful skin and gorgeous big brown eyes and let’s be honest can absolutely get away with no makeup. But I also know her style and face so well, I know exactly what it is she needs to enhance all her natural beauty but will also make her feel confident in front of the camera.

The first thing I like to do it create a beautiful base and skincare is the key to this.

Bobbi brown Vitamin enriched face base is the perfect cream as it gives lots of hydration but also acts as a primer for any foundation to sit onto.

To give the skin that gorgeous glow I used the Elf Halo Glow liquid filter as the base but mainly on the cheeks and chin area.  Because Gem has such beautiful skin I then just touched up in certain areas with a tiny bit of Armani illuminous silk foundation.

For concealer I went in with the Iconic London radiant concealer and brightening duo. This is a great product if you’re worried about concealer enhancing your lines. The brighter just lifts the eye area and then the concealer helps to cover any darkness, I’m obsessed with this product!

For Gemma’s eyes I wanted to really make them pop but at the same time keeping with Gem’s signature soft smokey eye look she’s so good at doing. The key to when we get a bit older is less is more when it come to the eyes. And eyeliner is crucial! It doesn’t have to be a big fancy wing or anything too fussy a simple smudgy eye liner across the upper lash with give the illusion of longer lashes and also give definition to the eye.

Lisa Eldridge seamless glide pencil in Ground coffee is the perfect pencil for this. It’s so soft and the pigment is so strong it makes it so easy for anyone to create a gorgeous soft smudgy eye line.

The other thing I love to do it to create a soft shadow with the seamless glide eye pencil, just above the  socket to add lift to they eye area. This is particularly good if you have hooded eyes. Try doing this with your eyes open so you know how high up it needs to go.  Don’t be afraid to play with this, remember makeup can always be removed so give yourself that freedom to experiment.

Then I just finished off with a couple of clusters lashes to add a little volume to the lash. These are also amazing if you have lost any lashes as they come in different lengths so it allow you to place them in areas that might be a bit sparse!

I think a cream blusher is so faltering especially when we get a bit older. It forms a natural highlight to the cheeks as well as making us look alive. Try to be brave and go for a brighter tone to really help cheeks look lifted and healthy. I love Ginger Blaze by Yensa."

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