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Being a fervent enthusiast of London's theatre scene, Covent Garden offers a plethora of delights. Amidst the myriad of outstanding West End shows, the TodayTix app has been a trusty companion. However, Sunset Boulevard at The Savoy has stolen the spotlight as my absolute favourite this season. This contemporary masterpiece, enhanced with multi-media brilliance, anchored by Nicole Sherzinger's mesmerising performance, truly set my heart aglow. It's a production pulsating with modernity and soul, a must-see before it bids adieu on January 6th.

For a delightful family outing, "Six the Musical" proved to be an absolute hit during a matinee. This electrifying show brimming with energy and sass left us all exhilarated and singing along. To culminate this wondrous day, a visit to La Goccia for tapas around fireside tables added a touch of heavenly delight to our experience. The ambiance coupled with delectable tapas made it a perfect finale to a splendid London day filled with Christmas charm and theatrical splendour.



Review of Six

Six at The Vaudeville Theatre in London is a groundbreaking musical that takes the audience on a whirlwind journey through history, reimagining the lives of Henry VIII's six wives. The show's innovation lies not only in its catchy tunes and powerful lyrics but also in its format – a shorter-than-usual runtime with no interval. This structure creates an immersive experience, keeping the momentum alive as the vibrant cast delivers one hit song after another.

The brilliance of the all-female cast is a standout feature. Each member possesses remarkable vocal prowess and stage presence, seamlessly transitioning between characters while infusing their performances with charisma and individuality. Their dynamic chemistry and unwavering energy hold the audience spellbound throughout the entire duration of the show. I adored the costumes which almost resembled Balmains 2015 collaboration with H&M.

The decision to forego an interval contributes to the show's relentless pace, ensuring that the audience remains captivated from the opening number to the grand finale. The absence of a break allows for an uninterrupted flow, enhancing the impact of the storytelling and musical numbers.

Overall, "Six" is a theatrical gem that packs a punch within its compact runtime. It's a testament to the extraordinary talent of its cast and the innovative storytelling that creates an unforgettable, high-octane musical experience. The perfect family show for Age 12+.


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