The Enchanting return of Giselle: English National Ballet

The Enchanting return of Giselle: English National Ballet

Secure your seats for the enchanting return of "Giselle" at the London Coliseum in 2024, presented by the English National Ballet. Embark on a poignant journey with Giselle as she grapples with heartbreak and loss in this emotionally charged ballet, featuring a visually striking masterpiece.
Limited in its run, this compelling production promises an unforgettable experience. Dive into the haunting tale of Giselle, a young peasant girl entangled in a love affair with the elusive Duke, Albrecht. Unravel the layers of deception as Giselle discovers the Duke's hidden nobility and engagement to another.
Driven to insanity and succumbing to a broken heart, Giselle's story takes a supernatural turn. Vengeful spirits of jilted brides gather at her grave, seeking to welcome her into their spectral clan and coaxing men into a fatal dance. Can Giselle's enduring love shield Albrecht from this ominous fate?

Experience the magic with the live performance of Adolphe Adam's evocative score by the English National Ballet Philharmonic. The production, choreographed by Mary Skeaping, draws inspiration from Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, and Marius Petipa. David Walker's captivating design and Charles Bristow's lighting, recreated by David Mohr, add depth to this timeless classic.

Stay tuned for casting announcements as the stellar ensemble brings Giselle's tale to life. Tickets for the English National Ballet's production of "Giselle" are available now! Don't miss the critically acclaimed ethereal ballet, returning to the London Coliseum on January 11, 2024, for a strict 10-day engagement. Secure your Giselle tickets today to ensure you don't miss this captivating performance.

London Coliseum, London
Giselle, the haunting tale of innocence and betrayal, returns to the London Coliseum

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