Year of You with Katy Hill

Year of You with Katy Hill

TV and Radio Presenter Katy Hill, @ImKatyHill, became known for her fearless approach to life as a presenter on Blue Peter in the 90’s.
Now, she’s coupled 25 years in broadcasting with extensive training to become an empowering Success Coach, dedicated to helping individuals and teams uncover their true selves and live their biggest, boldest lives with her company LIMITLESS. With an infectious positivity and unwavering support, Katy guides others through a transformative journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. Her uplifting approach empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, reignite their passions and embrace life's possibilities. Through her coaching, Katy embodies the spirit of resilience and empowerment, inspiring others to reconnect with their inner strengths and live their most authentic, fulfilled lives.

I love this quote so much! And it’s so true!
People come to me for coaching to gain clarity on LIFE. They want to uncover their most authentic, successful and fulfilled lives but, because the’ve spent so long living life according to other people’s rules, they have no idea who they are and what the true, fulfilled, authentic them actually looks like!
It’s not about becoming a “new you” in January.
It’s about uncovering and embracing all that you are!
We’re all choosing our reality the whole time.
So - take control and get intentional with how you live.

I’m living proof of this.

Back in 2017 I was hosting Heart Breakfast and living a great life, but it was the one that had unfolded and didn’t feel very “ME” anymore. So I hit pause, started diving into personal development and Coaching, qualified at the end of 2018 and announced my new journey delivering a keynote alongside Erin Borokovich at a conference at Universal Studios, Florida.

I call it life by DESIGN, not DEFAULT.
You can either live the DEFAULT life that unfolds in front of you…
You can get intentional and take time to DESIGN the life you WANT TO LIVE!

You either go with the flow and live according to others or you decide to get intentional, get back in the drivers seat and live your potential and impact the world in the way only you can. And that’s where I come in! I’ve coached people from all walks of life - US Senators, C Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs - and the thing that connects them all?
They want to get clear on WHO they are and WHY they’re here!

You wouldn’t just get in a car and start driving, right?
You’d know where you were going and how you were going to get there.

It’s the same with your life!

You can’t set off into the year in January without thinking about where it is you’re going, then be surprised that you didn’t get there in December! Of course you didn’t!

In my coaching, we create a powerful vision for where you’re going and who you’re becoming - your LIMITLESS YEAR as I call it!
You need to get clear on where you’re going!

Every decision you make, every event you say yes to, every action you take - ask yourself - “Is this moving me towards THE FUTURE ME and my LIMITLESS YEAR?"

If the answer is NO - don’t do it. Simple as that!

Getting INTENTIONAL with life, clear on WHO you are, WHERE you’re going and HOW you’ll get there is the biggest gift you can give yourself right now - to live the successful, fulfilled and LIMITLESS life you were born to live!  


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