Captivating Creations: The Artistry of Lorna May Wadsworth

Captivating Creations: The Artistry of Lorna May Wadsworth

Lorna May Wadsworth has launched her annual online exhibition featuring 100 paintings, unveiling affordable new works that cater to art enthusiasts and gift-seekers alike. this virtual art show on a temporary website aims to raise funds for The Murray Parish Trust.


The collection boasts a diverse range of art pieces priced between £50 to £5,000, with a portion of each sale contributing 10% to the charity. For followers of Wadsworth's sought-after art, this presents a unique opportunity to acquire original pieces or limited-edition prints at a fraction of their typical cost while supporting a meaningful cause. Due to high demand, pieces tend to sell rapidly, prompting potential buyers to set reminders and stay vigilant.


Wadsworth shares her motivation behind this initiative, expressing her desire to make her art more accessible to friends and followers. The collection encapsulates her varied interests, inspirations, and reflections, showcasing her love for Hollywood icons, vibrant cityscapes, and evocative depictions of summer days, among other themes.

The exhibition features Wadsworth's remarkable draughtsmanship, evident in her captivating sketches of actors created during live sittings. Her portfolio also includes portraits of significant figures like Baroness Margaret Thatcher, each painting a testament to her skill and acclaim within the art world.

Based in East London, Wadsworth gained recognition in contemporary art circles early in her career. Her renowned portraits, including the striking depiction of Baroness Thatcher, have commanded impressive prices, with one such painting selling for £500,000. Her innovative approaches, such as painting on ancient bog oak for author Neil Gaiman's portrait, highlight her artistic versatility and creativity.

Notably, Wadsworth garnered international attention for her unique interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, featuring Jamaican model Tafari Hinds as the central figure of Christ. Her ongoing exhibition of 'A Salvator Mundi' is in the John Moores Painting Prize exhibition at The Walker Art Gallery further underscores her significant contributions to the art world.

Moreover, Wadsworth's commitment to supporting charities through her exhibitions is evident, with last year's contributions to The Trussell Trust exceeding £6,500. This year, she passionately backs The Murray Parish Trust, established by her close friends Sarah Parish and James Murray in memory of their daughter Ella-Jayne. The trust aims to advance paediatric emergency medicine across Southern England, particularly benefiting Southampton Children’s Hospital, elevating children's healthcare and mental health beyond NHS funding limitations.

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