TV Stylist Gemma Sheppard Launches Fashion and Lifestyle Newspaper Voyages & Vanity

TV Stylist Gemma Sheppard Launches Fashion and Lifestyle Newspaper Voyages & Vanity

British TV stylist and fashion entrepreneur Gemma Sheppard (@SheppardStyle) has launched a fashion and lifestyle brand Voyages & Vanity, including a newspaper featuring a host of high profile contributors.

Published monthly, with an initial print run of 10,000 copies, the publication will reach a target audience of female fashion-savvy and culturally-curious readers.

Available to order via Gemma's new digital lifestyle platform, the 12-page “retro-chic” publication offers a “refreshing blend of retro and contemporary fashion insights” as well as influential beauty, health, wellness, home, travel and cultural news, observations and opinion.

The Voyages & Vanity newspaper - printed on high quality baby pink paper - deliberately flies in the face of a shrinking press distribution network by paying homage to fashion’s ever-changing, cyclical nature and celebrating creative nostalgia from yesteryear.

Editor in Chief Gemma comments: “We took the daring leap towards a printed format as it complements the tangibility of fashion. It's about creating an intimate connection, an ode to the artistry of print, which is my long time obsession.

“The digital age creates challenges in terms of print media but it still has a vital role to play, not just in informing, nourishing and entertaining readers but also helping brands deeply connect with their audience. People deserve more and Voyages & Vanity is that. It’s a vital and tangible source of information and the response so far has been incredible.”

Gemma adds: “Voyages & Vanity readers will unearth a treasure trove of nostalgia, unlocking forgotten fashion eras and high profile individuals and their storytelling while embracing today's fashion trends. Each page is an enchanting chapter in the narrative of a life well-travelled, beautifully adorned, and authentically styled.”

The first edition, published this week at Morton’s Media Group in Lincolnshire, features contributions from This Morning beauty expert Bryony Blake, broadcaster and success coach Katy Hill and best-selling author and wellness guru Davinia Taylor. Exclusive editorial content includes Embracing Sustainable Chic, The Marvels Of Bone Broth and Seven Ways The Metaverse Will Transform Your World.

After more than two decades in the fashion business, Gemma has built an impressive portfolio across luxury and high street fashion. As well as projects with designers including Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Daphne Guinness and Jaeger, Gemma has worked with a raft of stars and on hit TV shows including Channel 5's makeover programme 10 Years Younger In 10 Days.

Gemma, founder of leading fashion brand Sheppard Style, is well-versed in making waves in the fashion industry. Last year, through a collaboration with UK-based metaverse development studio Dubit and gaming giants Roblox, she was appointed Metaverse Global Fashion Director and became the world’s first stylist to work in cyberspace. Next month, she will announce the launch of her latest fashion collection.

Order a copy of Voyages & Vanity for just £5 (including P&P) by registering for a fee-free subscription to digital lifestyle platform www.voyages and



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