Athletia, the revered Japanese skincare brand, has been my 2 year go-to since making its grand entrance into the UK market, marking a significant milestone in its global expansion. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to natural ingredients, Athletia embodies a holistic, sustainable ethos, aiming for a comprehensive 360-degree approach to skincare. Their commitment shines through in their sourcing methods, as they harness the potency of botanical extracts and essential oils cultivated within the brand's eco-conscious farms.


Notably, Athletia stands out in its beauty industry peers by prioritising conscious materials. Their boxes and printed materials proudly sport certified recycled paper, while their plastic bottles are crafted from Bio Polyethylene derived from renewable sugar cane. This unwavering commitment to sustainability is a testament to Athletia's ethos, making it a brand that, not only cares for your skin but, also for the environment.


Athletia skincare has become my daily go-to, effectively maintaining a balanced and nourished complexion. Their well-curated collection perfectly aligns with my skincare needs, blending powerful active ingredients with luxurious oils and hydrating elements. This thoughtful combination not only caters to my skin's requirements but also infuses a much-needed dose of self-care into my routine. The mood-boosting properties of Athletia's products make each application a delightful experience, creating a harmonious balance between achieving visible results and providing the pampering my skin deserves. This line has truly become an essential part of my skincare regimen, ensuring that my skin stays healthy, glowing, and perfectly balanced.


Photography by Kelly Reeves 

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