The worlds first Hyaluronic Teeth Whitening Powder with age -defying benefits

The worlds first Hyaluronic Teeth Whitening Powder with age -defying benefits

"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear" - Gemma Sheppard

As I delve two weeks into my Polished London teeth whitening process, the experience transcends the ordinary notions of oral care. The introduction of the world's first Hyaluronic Teeth Whitening Powder marks a pivotal moment in the realm of confidence-driven smiles and holistic oral wellness.


Debbie Sleeman, the founder and CEO behind Polished London, has tirelessly redefined the contours of oral beauty since 2018. Her brainchild embodies a brand ethos that revolves around safety, simplicity, and opulence, never compromising on health. Infused with natural ingredients like plant-derived oils, xylitol, hydroxyapatite, essential vitamins, minerals, and the revolutionary addition of hyaluronic, Polished London's offerings stand as a testament to innovation in oral care.

At the heart of this groundbreaking advancement, Hyaluronic represents a testament to collaboration between Polished London and UK dentists. Beyond its promise of a radiant smile, Hyaluronic stands tall in offering an array of benefits, safeguarding gums, fortifying teeth, and fundamentally transforming the oral care experience. Its age-defying prowess extends beyond aesthetics, fostering hydration within gums and tissues to uplift not just smiles but overall oral health.

However, the allure of Polished London transcends its groundbreaking formulas. These products, in addition to their efficacy, are a visual delight, seamlessly blending into bathroom aesthetics. What's more, they aren't just effective but also boast a pleasing taste, ensuring a delightful oral care routine that leaves a lasting impression.


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In the quest for the quintessential smile, Polished London emerges as a beacon of innovation, science, and ethical responsibility. As the Hyaluronic Teeth Whitening Powder takes centre stage, individuals are empowered to not just celebrate confidence but also redefine their relationship with oral wellness—making every radiant smile a testament to Polished London's commitment to excellence.  

“This forward thinking and ethical brand is changing the game for at-home dental and oral care” - Dr Krystyna Wilczynski

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