Vanity Explores And Begin: Adding Them to Her Little Black Book

Vanity Explores And Begin: Adding Them to Her Little Black Book

Introducing And Begin, a groundbreaking skincare brand designed specifically for midlife women, founded by the expert dermatological team behind Skin + Me, the leaders in personalised prescription skincare. With a mission to empower and cater to the unique skincare requirements of midlife women, And Begin promises to deliver results that truly fulfill the promise of "having it all" for your skin.
And Begin distinguishes itself by grounding every decision in a deep understanding of both the mechanics of midlife skin and the expectations of women in this stage of life. Drawing from insights gained from studying the habits and feedback of Skin + Me consumers, And Begin acknowledges the desire for superior skincare benefits tailored to midlife women's needs.

"We recognised that despite the great results from their formulations, women wanted the benefits of prescription ingredients like Tretinoin and Azelaic Acid in personalised products," explains Cunningham, shedding light on the catalyst for creating And Begin. The key insights revealed that midlife women seek a broader range of effective ingredients alongside prescription ones, coupled with deep hydration and nourishment found in premium skincare.

Sophie van Ettinger, Chief Marketing Officer at And Begin, elaborates on the brand's focus: "The triumvirate of goals we defined are lines and wrinkles, textural issues, and hyperpigmentation, all in a beautifully hydrating cream." She emphasises the challenge of delivering a product that truly fulfills all of a woman's skincare needs.

The brand's name, And Begin, encapsulates its revolutionary approach to skincare. Its 1,2,3 Age Management system comprises three components that synergistically bring about tangible and progressive changes in midlife skin. "Our consumer seeks transparency, efficacy, and visible results, alongside luxurious self-care and indulgence," van Ettinger summarises.

The And Begin journey commences with a thorough free online skin consultation, delving beyond the surface to uncover insights crucial for prescribing tailored skincare solutions. Reflecting the brand's expertise in age management, the consultation avoids asking women patronising questions, recognising that questions about noticeable lines or desired luminosity may be irrelevant or even offensive to a forty-something woman.

In essence, And Begin sets a new standard for skincare by catering specifically to midlife women's needs, guided by a deep understanding of their skin and desires, and delivering tailored solutions that encompass both efficacy and indulgence.
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