Trailblazers and Voices: Inspiring stories of Women changing the World: Sally O'Connor

Trailblazers and Voices: Inspiring stories of Women changing the World: Sally O'Connor

Introducing my remarkable and cherished friend, who isn't just someone I adore but my ultimate hero—Sally O'Connor. Her journey in building an exceptional brand with an unparalleled eye for detail isn't just inspiring, it's downright heroic. Here, I illuminate the radiant spirit whose interior designs captivate and leave you utterly breathless.

A Journey from Childhood Rearranging to Acclaimed Interior Designer

Sally, a native of the UK, showcased her penchant for Interior Design from an early age, rearranging furniture in her bedroom since she was seven. Her journey commenced post-graduation from the University of Central Birmingham, venturing into television where her passion for Interior Design blossomed. Recognising London's potential to hone her skills, she embarked on a bold move to the city.

Driven by courage and determination, Sally ventured into freelancing as a Design Assistant, immersing herself in the luxurious world of Interior Design without formal training. Her perseverance paid off, working tirelessly to grasp the essence of the trade and meet the demands of London's upscale market. In 2012, she established her own business, catapulting her into the design scene by securing her first contract—crafting bespoke cabinets for a prestigious Mayfair art gallery. This marked the beginning of an illustrious client roster including notable sports personalities, TV icons, writers, and entrepreneurs.

Among her esteemed clientele are Premier League and International football players like Marcus Rashford, Marvin and Rochelle Humes, and influential figures like Molly Mae and Tommy Fury.

Her company, Hesellic Design, has soared to unprecedented heights, renowned for its impeccable attention to detail and luxurious interiors. Sally's journey wasn't without challenges; launching during a tough economy demanded resourcefulness and creativity without compromising on opulence.

Obsessed with meticulous space planning, Sally ensures functionality precedes the incorporation of luxurious fabrics and finishes. Transparency with clients regarding the intricate design process has been paramount. Collaborating with brands like Visual Comfort Europe and designing a Neon range for 'Bag and Bones' highlights the firm's growing influence. Despite her involvement in every project, Sally recognised the need to expand her team, aiming to maintain a synchronised, passionate, and dedicated group aligned with her vision.

Residential design, Sally emphasises, forges personal connections with clients, turning them into cherished friends, adding a unique layer of depth to her work. Sally O'Connor's journey embodies dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to crafting spaces that epitomise luxury and sophistication. Sally also adds that we are a cohesive team of passionate interior designers and interior architects, blending our qualifications, extensive experience, and profound expertise to curate unparalleled high-end residential design solutions. Our pride lies in transcending any 'signature style,' focusing instead on an intimate understanding of our clients' desires, needs, and personalities to breathe life into their living spaces.

The core of our philosophy revolves around crafting spaces that resonate deeply with our clients—a space that becomes their sanctuary, an extension of their essence. Witnessing the sheer joy when clients express their anticipation to return home, labelling it their 'happy place' after thrilling travels, is immensely gratifying. There's no greater reward than knowing we've created an environment where they feel rejuvenated and content.


We derive our satisfaction from translating their aspirations into tangible, harmonious spaces, where each detail reflects their identity. For us, it's not merely about designing interiors; it's about crafting environments that evoke emotions, energize spirits, and bring lasting happiness.



What distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to achieving excellence in every facet of our craft. Throughout our journey, we've cultivated a robust network comprising reliable suppliers, skilled contractors, and artisans who mirror our unwavering pursuit of quality and artistry. Collaborating closely with these partners empowers us to access the most exquisite materials, furniture, and finishes for our projects, guaranteeing meticulous execution down to the finest detail.


Our commitment to delivering nothing short of perfection and it drives us to consistently surpass expectations. This collaborative approach ensures that each aspect of our design process, from conception to realization, reflects an unparalleled level of quality and refinement. Our studio's evolution has been propelled by the loyalty of repeat business and referrals—an acknowledgment of our commitment to excellence. We hold in the highest regard the trust our clients bestow upon us to execute their projects. We pledge never to overlook or underestimate this trust; it's the cornerstone of our ethos.

The foundation of our success lies in nurturing enduring relationships built on trust, transparency, and the relentless pursuit of realizing our clients' visions. Every project is a testament to our dedication to honoring that trust, ensuring we continue to exceed expectations and maintain the unwavering confidence our clients place in us.

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