Trailblazers and Voices: Inspiring Stories of Women Changing the World: Jenny Frost

Trailblazers and Voices: Inspiring Stories of Women Changing the World: Jenny Frost

Image credits: Hannah Furness

Jenny Frost, @jennyfrost22, the embodiment of a multi-talented powerhouse, has seamlessly transitioned from her Pop star days to a remarkable career as a hotelier and Ibiza resident. Her journey is an ode to creativity, and an unwavering spirit.


As a former member of a beloved girl band, she embodied the charisma and talent that many admired and aspired to emulate. Her infectious energy and stage presence made her the girl band member we all wanted to be. She rose to fame as a member of the British girl group Atomic Kitten. The band achieved significant success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Initially formed in 1998, Atomic Kitten underwent lineup changes before solidifying with her joining in 2001.

My all-time favourite, "Whole Again" (2001), undoubtedly became their most iconic song, topping charts in several countries, including the UK, and becoming a global sensation. Its catchy tune and relatable lyrics struck a chord with audiences, making it a defining song for the group.

But beyond the glitz and glamour, her evolution into a successful entrepreneur and advocate for mental health has been truly inspiring. Despite her vibrant success, she remains remarkably grounded - the "salt of the earth." Her warmth and generosity extend to everyone she meets, offering a welcome that's as big as her heart. Her openness about her personal mental health challenges on Instagram serves as a beacon of helping others, reminding us of the strength found in vulnerability and honesty.

The resurgence of her girl band last year during the football fervour showcased not only her talent but also her passion for her craft. Now happily married in the vibrant backdrop of Ibiza, she has embraced motherhood with grace, nurturing gorgeous twin girls and a teenage son.

However, her journey doesn't stop there. Her foray into the hospitality industry speaks volumes about her entrepreneurial spirit working with her business partner & husband - who she calls the brains of the operation, whilst she takes creative control of their ibiza projects. Renting out a stunning villa and owning a hotel in Ibiza are just stepping stones for her. Her current venture involves building new apartments and houses in Mexico - Tulum, expanding her footprint in the world of hospitality.


Her creative prowess shines through her endeavours as an interior queen. Her love for creating spaces that resonate with warmth and style is a testament to the fact that creativity never wanes; it merely finds new avenues to flourish.

In essence, she embodies the epitome of a woman who fearlessly chases her dreams, embraces challenges, and spreads love wherever she goes. Her journey serves as a reminder that one's creative spirit knows no bounds and that resilience and humility are the pillars of enduring success. Jenny Frost continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the world as an extraordinary artist, and entrepreneur. 

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