Step into Self-Care: Join This Girl Can Organise for Monthly Walks.

Step into Self-Care: Join This Girl Can Organise for Monthly Walks.

Join us for invigorating walks with This Girl Can Organise @thisgirlcanorganise where the focus is on prioritising yourself, moving your body, clearing your mind, and enjoying the company of like-minded individuals, including myself.

Discover the incredible benefits of walking! During the winter of 2019, while Nicola was working on her book, 'Mind Over Clutter,' she experienced a revelation. Walking immersed her in nature, provided a respite from mental clutter, allowed her to focus on her breathing, and ultimately helped her reconnect with herself.

Beyond its personal benefits, walking fosters human connection. Walking together encourages openness, as you feel seen, heard, and understood—a truly beautiful experience.

Join us on the first Sunday of every month for TGCO walks. For just £15 per person (with 50% of proceeds donated to the MS Society), we'll embark on gentle walks and engage in stimulating conversations. Here are the upcoming dates and locations:

- Sun 7th April – Windsor, Berkshire
- Sun 5th May – Cambridge
- Sun 2nd June – Seaham, Co. Durham
- Sun 7th July – Bournemouth Gardens
- Sun 4th August – Whitstable, Kent

🌟 Come join us as we prioritize self-care, movement, and meaningful connections. Let's walk, talk, and embrace the journey together!


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